About Kendra Lindell

5 thoughts on “About Kendra Lindell”

  1. Your book sounds great! My husband and I bought a small farm in rural Michigan this year to live a more simple, frugal life so I can stay home with our five children and homeschool too. We don’t have a dairy cow but we do have a massive garden, a flock of chickens, a duck that thinks he’s a chicken, some farm cats, and one beef Holstein. Best wishes to you on your picture book writing/illustrating journey!

  2. Kendra, I just came across your blog rather randomly (I think someone, don’t remember who, linked to your darling Christmas graphics, perhaps?) As a lover of children’s books and someone passionate about good food and its sources, I’m really excited about your project and would love to help spread the word any way possible. I thought that one way I could help would be to post on three separate occasions to Facebook each of your great Christmas graphics, with a note letting people know about your project. May I?

    You might enjoy a post on my blog called, “Eat a Rainbow” as a means to get to know me.


  3. OMG!!! You have my exact name!! Almost! There is only one L on the end of my name instead of two like yours! Maybe we are family 🙂 haha

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